Hi Everyone! I apologise for the long gap between this and the last blog. However, we have been getting up to some exciting things!

 As stated previously, we have gained our own studio space and we have been working long and hard on getting it finished. There are still lots of things we want to do with the Space, but we have come a long way from what it looked like originally! (shown in photos below) I am continuously uploading photos of our progress on our photo gallery on the Home page and on our Social Media Platforms (Instagram and Facebook) which there are links for at the bottom of the main Website Page if you want to follow our journey :)

We are also working on introducing 2 new classes in March! So keep and eye out for updates so you can join in! After a recent poll the classes will be held during the week on an Evening; More information will be released Soon!

Stay Fresh and Healthy!


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