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Do you know your upper body muscles? 💪

There are many different muscles in our body, but do you know the names of them? not just arm and chest but the technical names! There are many more teeny tiny muscles that help us do all of our daily tasks. But for now, here are your basics. Let us know in the comments how many you knew already! 🤓

DELTOIDS - This muscles is situated on the outside of the upper arm and shoulder area. An example exercise to work this is a dumbbell lateral raise or using a seated shoulder press machine.

PECTORALIS MAJOR - This fan shaped muscle forms the chest area, crosses the shoulder joint and controls the movement of the upper arm. A great way to work this muscle is by doing a bench press or flyer.

BICEP/BRACHIALIS - Situated on the front of the upper arm, the bicep crosses the shoulder and the elbow joint. Brachialis is situated beneath the bicep and only crosses the elbow: therefore assists with flexing the elbow joint, particularly when the shoulder is flexed. To work these muscles just do Standing bicep curls or preacher curls.

OBLIQUES - These are an important abdominal muscles and connect the ribs to the pelvis. To work this try side bends and twisting crunches.

RECTUS ABDOMINIS - Located on the front of the torso, this vertical sheet muscle is named after the area it protects. Try a crunch or plank to get this muscle working!

TRAPEZIUS - This is a large strong muscle situated across the upper back, neck and shoulder region. The trapezius helps with movements such as shrugging. To work this muscle try an upright row, shrugs and seated rows.

TRICEPS - This is situated to the rear of the upper arm and constitutes about two thirds of the muscle in that area. Try a tricep pushdown or tricep kickbacks to train this.

RHOMBOIDS - Sitting deep into the trapezius muscle and are key stabilisers of the shoulder complex. Seated rows and reverse press-ups trigger this muscle.

LATISSIMUS DORSI - This is a large sheet of muscle that crosses the shoulder and controls the movement of the upper arm. A lateral pull down and seated row will work this.

ERECTOR SPINAE - The bulk of this muscle group is situated in the lower back region. and becomes progressively smaller as it moves up the spine. To work this try seated back extensions, prone back extensions/dorsal raises.

So, did you learn something new? or did you know it all already? 😉 You may notice some muscles have the same move on them. This means you can train multiple muscles at once with just one move, aren't our bodies amazing?!😱💪

We hope you have enjoyed our blog post. Look out for our next one coming soon! Stay Fresh!

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