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Flex 4 Life Class

Want to feel relaxed? Need better sleep? This class makes you feel ready to go to bed once it's over and people said they have never slept better. It does also work you hard to gain that flexibility and strength you want! it's great for beginners to the more experienced and all ages. 

Our Flex4life class has been very popular and the feedback has been great! As it says on the poster, please book online for this class due to limited spaces.

We would love to see some new faces alongside our regulars.

We have had a great turnout for our Flex4life class! Everyone did amazingly and its so nice to see such happy faces and get all the lovely feedback! We got some photos and a video of what the class is like so you can get a feel for it. Go onto the classes section on our website to book and view the photos. If you like what you see then come and join us! We would love to see some fresh faces! 

Stay fresh! 


P.S. Don't forget we also do personal training and we would love to help you! View our packages to get in touch.

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