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Happy New Year! Get Your 2023 Focus On!

The start of the year is always a great time to focus on yourself and what you would like to achieve. Often we start out with the best of intentions and very quickly life gets busy and things start to slip.

A great way to keep your focus is to have a think about what you would like to achieve in the coming year and set yourself some realistic and achievable goals.

Goals can be related to health, fitness, appearance, family, friends, adventure, hobbies or anything that is driving you and you feel motivated about right now.

Try and write, or for the creative amongst us, draw these goals out so they become something you can see and even share with others - this is a way to bring them to life and make them real.

One technique we often use with our clients is SMART Goals....

S - Specific - What do you want to achieve?

M - Measurable - How can you measure progress towards it?

A - Achievable - Is the goal achievable for you, your life and in your timeframe?

R - Relevant or Realistic - Is the goal relevant to your overall idea of where you would like to be?

T - Time Frame - what is a realistic timeframe for working towards the goal?

Keep your Goals somewhere visual - in a journal, on your desk, on the fridge, on your bedside table and look at them regularly, we recommend a review of them every 4-weeks to see how you're progressing with them.

And don't forget, goals can be adapted or changed, you may find that when you set out on a particular path, another avenue emerges which is better for you and your circumstances. Just adapt your SMART Goals to reflect! Your goals are your own, if they become irrelevant or unachievable you will lose focus and drive towards achieving them.

Other things that can help you stay on track is sharing your goals with someone, this could be a family member, a friend or even your trainer or class instructor. They could be someone you review goal progress with and discuss how you can achieve them or stay on track. They may even have similar goals to you which you can support each other in achieving.

Having a plan or journey towards your goals is important and is covered in the T (Time Frame) element of your SMART Goals. Make sure you break the path down into small steps that you can definitely achieve as getting to these little milestones will make you feel great and keep you wanting to reach that next step.

Rewards are a great way to keep you motivated, just make sure they keep you on track towards your overall goal. One method we like to recommend is process-rewards which break down your bigger reward into smaller ones (i.e. £100 to spend at the end). As an example, if you are aiming to run a 5K in 10 weeks, you can aim for a 0.5K progress each week and each time this is achieved you can add £10 into your reward pot. This could be spent on that purchase you've had your eye on, a day trip with friends or family, or a new hobby, etc. A bonus to doing this, is you start a new habit which you may find you can sustain beyond your original goal time frames.

A final thought, goals are personal to you, they should make you excited and motivated, people around you will be more supportive than you think and probably have their own journeys they'd like help with ... and all goals can be changed and adapted!

Stay Fresh! Stay Motivated! Stay Happy! Let's smash 2023!

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