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Holiday Workout!

Here is a fab workout to do in a pair! Why not give it a try? You don’t have to limit it to the holiday but it only takes a quick 15-20 minutes! So if you have the time to spare just grab a friend! 

Here is the Workout broken down below:

  • - Single leg deadlift ball pass. (hold the ball and do a standard deadlift with it in your hands and when you come up, pass it to your friend and repeat back and forth. Alternate legs each turn.) 

  • - Overhead tricep extensions ( get your friend to hold a resistance band or something to similar effect. Extend your arms to work the triceps and keep the elbows close to the head and then alternate at 30 seconds)

  • -  Russian twist ball pass ( get in the normal position and twist to one side and pass to your partner. After 30 seconds swap sides to work both! Keep the feet raised for a challenge and add a weighted medicine ball too if you can manage) 

  • - Static lunge with a twist ball pass ( stand facing each other but off to the side a little. get into a lunge position without the knee on the floor. Twist to the side with the ball and then pass it to your partner. when it hits 30 seconds switch sides!)

  • - Sit ups with ball ( face each other and interlock legs if necessary to keep your feet down. Do a standard sit up with the ball on your chest then when you get up pass to your partner)

Simple Right?!

Do each move for 1 minute and swap if stated above. Repeat this 3 times through to start and if you want to add another then you can! If you can manage try not to have any rest periods until the very end! If not have a minutes rest after each full set! 

All we used was a simple football! Something easy to find at home! Let’s work together! 

I hope you enjoy this! If you want to see our video then go on our Facebook or instagram! Give us a like a follow! Stay fresh all! 

Ryan & Aimée

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