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Keep Warm with us!

The snow is here and it is freezing!! 🥶 The beautiful snow has decided to grace us with it's presence making us all colder and making us less mobile!

When its cold what can you do? Use exercise to warm up your body and save on the heating bills too! 😉 Getting your muscles moving and blood pumping makes you so toasty and in the winter makes you work even harder, so the benefit increases!

They say summer bodies are made in the winter, so let's get cracking on making a healthier you 🤗

We had a smashing week 1 of classes and we are ready for week 2! The Black Friday deal is valid this week only, you can bring a friend, partner, family member or whoever you want for free! Buy your one spot and bring 1 other person for free and workout together this winter 🥰


Full Timetable Below:

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