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What is motivating you to workout at the moment? Aimée and Ryan are doing Total Warrior on the 10th July with some fellow buddies. Our team is Called Fuddy Muckers 🙊 and we will be posting lots of photos being covered in mud!

This is our current motivation as we have to run 12k and complete 25 exciting obstacles 😱 It will be a challenge but we will work as a team. Sometimes all you need is an event or a team of friends to get you motivated to train hard. This has made us put more focus on upper body training and running.

Running is one of our least favourite activities to do and yes as trainers we dislike doing some forms of exercise too 😅 This has pushed us to practice running so that we can ace this event!

Have a think about what can get you motivated, whether its an event like us or just grabbing some friends to train with. You can do this!

Stay Fresh

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