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Muscular Training

Before getting into the main details, I will define a few key words first!

FITT - Frequency Intensity Type Time

1RM - Your one rep max

Moderate Intensity - Increased breathing, able to talk

Vigorous Intensity - Breathing Fast, Difficulty talking

Cardiovascular exercises - incorporates the heart, lungs and blood vessels, by taking in and delivering oxygen to the active muscles.


Muscular strength refers to the ability of a muscle group to overcome a high resistance (weight). Now this can be done with physical weights, your own body weight or both! To develop your strength, there are many different methods which we will go into another time. In more scientific words, using higher resistance and lower reps, largely employ the fast twitch type 2 muscle fibres.

When strength training, it is required that you take longer rests to provide sufficient recovery. For optimum strength development, the exerciser should achieve momentary muscle failure at the end of their repetitions.


Muscular Endurance describes the ability of a muscle overcoming a

lower - moderate resistance over a sustained period of time. You can typically achieve this through resistance exercises, but some can be achieved through Cardiovascular (CV) exercises. Muscular Endurance training largely relies on the Type 1 slow twitch muscle fibres.

You are required to take smaller rest periods as during endurance training you use less resistance against the muscles. For effective training, you should feel a sensation of local muscular fatigue on the active muscles.


All Adults should minimise the amount of time spent being sedentary (sitting) for extended periods of time. You should exercise for a minimum of 75 minutes (vigorous intensity) or 150 minutes (moderate intensity) per week! Make a start today, it's never too late! Later this week I will be covering (for adults) what physical activity is needed for a healthy life and what the benefits are to make it a happy one too!

Stay Fresh!

The Fresh 4 Life Fitness Team.

Fact credit: Health and Fitness Education Limited (2018)

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