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Water is the largest component of the body and it represents between 45-70% of your body weight, depending on how hydrated you are!

This cannot be used as a direct source of energy; but it is essential during many of the energy releasing or metabolic reactions in the body.

The recommended daily intake of water is 2.0-2.5 litres depending on your body size. If you do strenuous or prolonged exercise, then this will need to be increased accordingly.

Optimal Hydration helps improve exercise and sporting performance. Water is needed to transport energy around the body. Optimal Hydration is also known as 'euhydration' which helps improve concentration, reduce the chance of headaches and minimise chances of digestive disorders(e.g. constipation).

What are the primary functions of water?

  • Regulating body temperature

  • Elimination of waste from the body

  • Reducing strain on the cardiovascular system by regulating blood pressure

  • Lubrication of joints and tissues (eyes, mouth, nose)

  • Delivery of nutrients around the body in the watery content of blood (plasma)

  • Protection of the Foetus during pregnancy

  • Water also helps to prevent and alleviate constipation by aiding food and waste to move through the intestines

I hope you have learnt something new and realise even more, the importance of hydration! What I do to help me keep track of my water intake, is using the water bottles that have times on so you can keep up to date. They aren't expensive so it may be worth giving a try to help you out :)

Stay Fresh


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