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Hi everyone, how are we all feeling? a little stressed? we can help!!

Right now we are experiencing a big challenge for many aspects of our lives which can cause a lot of stress. But let’s adapt that 🤩

Check out below for some relief tips and take our questionnaire to see how stressed you are 🙌🏻🙌🏻

This can be used any time to help you relax, it is not personalised to this situation, so use it as and when you need ☺️

stress questionnaire
Download PDF • 384KB

Stress relief ideas:

Meditation - struggle with it? try our Flex 4 life class to help get the hang of it. There's videos on our Facebook page ready for you!

Exercise - Go for a walk, run, cycle. whatever helps clear that mind. Try your best to take advantage of the 1 hour of exercise a day you get :-)

Learn to accept what you can’t control and work on what you can. This is a massively common thing people deal with on a daily basis, but there are some things you really can't control, like this situation. If you have found (like us) that it is affecting your way of working then accept it and find your new way of working. It's difficult but we can do it, message your friends and family, see how other people are coping.

Prioritise need and what can you get rid of easiest. PLAN! PLAN! PLAN! make checklists etc. of what you need to get done today and get rid of the small easy tasks as soon as you can, you will have more time to focus on what's important and you will have a lot checked off your list to feel better too 😉

Go news free for a bit - The news can certainly affect your mood! so why not limit how much of it you watch. Try watch maybe just 1 or 2 a week or only read the information on the government website or get a friend to give you the key updates over the phone to remove the negativity that's stressing you out.

But of course keep up to date with important ones like tonights 🤞(7pm)

Try being tech free for at least 2 hours before bed to help your sleep improve. Screens badly affect your sleep and most of you probably have a tv in your room? or at least your phone next to your bed? Now we all use these to chill out, but actually it's doing you no favours. Experiment with doing your normal bed routine tonight but instead of a screen, read a book or do some colouring etc. I find that when I'm reading before bed I get tired so much easier and generally sleep through the night! Today may be stressful for a lot of us, so do this today! Treat yourself 😍

Tidy your/a room, it can help clear your mind and sleep better. Looking at a mess in your room can only make your brain feel more cluttered and for some of those who are like me and love to have a tidy space to feel accomplished, you will find this even more beneficial! I find concentrating on work so hard when I know I have messes around me, it pesters and overtakes, who can be productive with that?! So start of your day by tidying something around you or use it as a break during work or do it just before bed so you can feel relaxed looking around.

Map out your days, but make them manageable and take a small break every 1-2 hours. Have a walk around and stand up to keep that blood flow going! Breaks, we are all guilty of not taking them from time to time and just powering through and working away all day. Now I've had a lot of practice of this over the past weeks due to many deadlines I had to complete, for a while I only gave myself meal times for the breaks! now that is not healthy, please don't do it 😕 Instead I now have regular breaks, to regain your energy and concentration and you are bound to be more productive, especially if you combine it with a good nights sleep!🤩

Make time every day for yourself! We all need it 🤗 I know when deadlines are approaching or big important meetings etc. we can feel guilty to take time for ourselves as you aren't producing work in this time. But even just 5 minutes of doing something you love to relax and make you happy, will help keep your sanity and get you through any tough time easier! So next time you are feeling overwhelmed from working non-stop just step out, take a minute to breathe and just take some time to enjoy yourself by calling a friend, watching something on Netflix or even better exercising! nothing better to free your mind than that 💪 (of course we are saying that!) but obviously it's different for everyone.

You are doing so well making it to this point! You should all feel so proud for keeping it together and doing all that you can. If you know other people who are stressed too then share this post with them or everyone, you never know who really needed to hear this today.

Stay Fresh, Stay Safe and Stay Home


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