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#ukcoachingweek - mental health

It’s #ukcoachingweek and their focus is mental health. Here at Fresh4LifeFitness, we place a huge importance on mental health and that’s why ‘wellbeing’ is in our logo!

Physical exercise is great for your mental well-being and we need to look after both. We make sure to always see how you are doing and feeling, a great catch-up like this is so important to us and you! 🤗

We want to make sure that you all have a big smile on your faces and mean it! We have both had our own personal experiences with mental health and have worked hard to get to the places we are in. Now let’s all give back and help! Check in on your friends/family and start getting some exercise into your routine. Even if it is light, you will start to feel the positive emotions it comes with! 😍 Best time to train is in the morning to start your day off feeling great!

Stay fresh and enjoy coaching week!

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