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Understanding Alcohol

This is the start of the weekend and typically people turn to alcohol to relax. Now we can socialise a bit more, its even more encouraged by friends etc. as pubs are closed too. However, we need to tackle alcohol to make it a fully enjoyable experience for us all!

Now there will be people like me and Ryan who don't drink alcohol at all through personal preference and you may think this post is irrelevant to you; but you never know who may need to hear this information and you can help others make a difference too.

Alcohol is not something we need in the system, just like we don't technically need sugar (just a tiny bit sometimes). But we enjoy these as treats and sometimes it can become the best of us, we succumb to temptation. All we have to do is learn to control them and head on a journey to a healthier, happier you!

Enjoy our infographic with information credit to the NHS.

Check these links for more detailed information of what we have provided.

Stay Fresh!


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