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World Suicide Prevention Day

**warning: may trigger some people, sensitive information**

Today is a very important day! The theme this year is ‘Working together to prevent suicide’.

Now this day will mean many things to different people, mental health and well-being is massively important, especially to our company. We take this all very seriously and do everything we can to help.

Did you notice something really important there? ”WE”

People who are dealing with suicidal thoughts typically feel lonely and struggle to talk about it. So sometimes you don’t even know that is going on. That’s why it is so important to check on your friends, family, everybody and yourself! Don’t forget about your own mental health either because everyone is a team in this and that’s how we can help bring each other’s spirits up!

Mental health has no gender, anyone can struggle with it ❤️

This website link is not just to learn more about the meaning of this day; but to see what can be done to help people in this situation. There are so many methods of help these days and through personal experience, they work! Now it is different for everyone and a completely personal experience. But seeking help is the first big step anyone can take.

This year has been a tough and testing one, especially on mental health. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, even though it may not be visible or not for a while. It is there and we can work together to get through this.

So starting today if you don’t already, check on everyone and also check on yourself 🤗 Use it to make a positive change.

Stay Fresh and Positive! 🥰

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