Ryan's Story

I discovered the importance of keeping healthy when my own health was poor due to being overweight.

 Now that I am at the healthy end of the scale I feel so much better and I want others to have that experience too. To live their lives to the max, having fun and being healthy all the way. 


To assist with this, I got qualified so I would have the right skills to help others achieve their fitness goals, whatever they might be and maintain a positive healthy lifestyle.


I enjoy working with anyone who wants to make these changes and guide them all the way, keeping fun and positivity at the heart of all we do together. I aim to give you achievable, realistic changes that are not a quick fix but a change for life.


I have a passion for life and for seeing the best in people and I would like to share that with you and help you see the best in yourself


Aimée's Story

My fitness journey started in 2017. I was self conscious about how I looked and my lifestyle.

My friend and my dad both loved exercising and it encouraged me to get a gym membership. I worked out regularly with a routine or in fitness classes and it made me feel great!


I used to be extremely fussy with food and I ate almost no veg or fruit. I’m now eating healthily and it’s my dad (coach ryan) that helped me get there!


I’ve conquered many set backs including depression and anxiety, which made me have to regain my motivation.


Early 2019 I got my ETM qualification and I decided to do this because of the amazing feeling I got from participating in fitness classes. I wanted to cause that happiness and enjoyment for others! Not only do I love making you all smile and helping you get healthy! But it’s given me a massive confidence boost!


My class Fresh Energy Aerobics is all about having fun but getting a workout too! I want to help you all feel as good as I do because you are my priority! Let’s bring that Fresh Energy and get healthy together!