Christmas dinner gravy

Yesterday we discussed how to created a balanced plate when having your Christmas Dinner. However, one thing we didn't discuss was the gravy we put on top of it. So I have done some research and found 2 Gravy Granules; one suits meat eaters and the other is good for vegans and vegetarians etc .

Here is the best Gravy Granules I have found based on the nutritional value which we discussed in a previous post . For all those meat eaters out there, this is the new gravy for you! It is the healthiest meat flavoured gravy I have found and I will keep looking to find one that's even better! You can buy this in any supermarket such as ASDA for £1.

This is a vegetable gravy I found that appeals to many people. Not only is it Gluten free; but it is also Dairy Free, Vegan-Friendly, Vegetarian-Friendly and Palm Oil Free!! This is a great alternative to meat flavoured Gravy Granules as it is healthier for you and kinder to Orangutans (Palm oil Free)

Stay fresh and healthy!


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