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Let’s talk achievements!

Let’s talk achievements. We all have things well like to do for our own reasons and one of mine as you know is plants! 🤩🪴

The first time I had a turtle plant, It didn’t survive much after buying it….. 😢 But then I tried again and bought from @botanical_norwich who are super reliable for healthy plants! Look at my baby Pippa now 😱 so as much as It didn’t work the first time, I tried again because I really wanted it to succeed. After a lot of love and care you can see in the first picture, how it looks now. It has strands of 20cm! 😱 You can see what it was like on day 1 on the second photo.

But enough about me and my plants…. The thing to think about here, is how plants take time to grow and so do we. Don’t give up on your journey because it didn’t work that one time. Try a different angle or routine and you will reach your goals one day. Just think of Pippa the amazing Turtle plant 🤩🤣

Stay Fresh all!


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