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Motivation Monday

✨Aimée✨ It is my first day back at my gym in 6 months! I have been training at home but nothings less motivating than trying to exercise at home, with your bed so near! 😂 I’ve really been struggling with finding the motivation to get back into a strong, regular routine over this time, due to unforeseen circumstances and my mental health.

Today I decided to make a change thanks to my very supportive partner ❤️ He has helped me get to a point where I feel stronger and clearer, so I can get back to what I love doing.

My little story today may hopefully motivate you to make a change too. You are all strong and we can do this together. As much as we can all crash sometimes and go through these low times, you will always find a way out and back to being yourself again. I go through these waves each year and I can promise you that exercise really helps! Do it for you not for negative reasons, just keep being happy and healthy as best as you can! That’s all anyone can ask for. 🥰

Stay fresh and strong all ❤️💪

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