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Our Amazing Discovery

Hi Guys!

Bit of personal babble to start with, but I promise the result is worth it!

A few weeks ago I found out that I was Lactose Intolerant, which doesn't sound massive but it really does impact your diet. It is limiting in cheeses, breads, milks, etc. and I must say it hasn't been easy finding alternatives or completely cutting out some things. However, it has helped me cut out a lot of fat contributors to my diet which is a bonus! 🙌🏻

My point to sharing this information is to put some focus on cheese. Now everyone is always encouraged to go for the most reduced fat version you can buy, which is usually no more than 50%. But because of this change in my diet, it led us to discover an amazing cheese.

Eatlean! 😱😱

Now you may have heard of it already or maybe not like us. If you are someone who loves cheese like me and would love to feel less guilty about eating it?! This cheese has the lowest fat we have ever seen!! It is so low in fact that you can treat yourself to a little bit more.

Now don't get carried away, of course we aren't encouraging you to be cheese crazy 😂 it is still a fat and it adds up the more you have of course. But now you can have a cheese in your diet that doesn't throw off your progress and means you still get to partake 😋 Also if you are Lactose free like me, then you can eat it too!

Your perfect new cheese is here! it tastes the same, melts the same and has a load less guilt with it! Make today day one of your new journey and swap your cheese, it's that simple! 🤩

It is a little pricey but is totally worth every penny spent! Keep an eye out for offers wherever you can and snap them up 😅 I've put links below for the supermarkets that stock them and their website so you can look into it more.

Have a wonderful week everyone! Stay Fresh


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