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Our Cocktail Discovery 🍸

Now that we can have friends and

family over we can enjoy some drinks together! But if you want to join in but don't want the calories or sugar from cocktails, then we have you covered! 🤩

In our family we are non-drinkers but this suits all! Skinny Food CO. (one of our faves!) have released a cocktail syrup that is non-alcoholic. Not only that but it is sugar and calorie free 😱 The 2 we have got our hands on are the "Pornstar Martini" and "Sex on the beach". I've always loved a fruity drink but either I don't like the mocktails or they have milk in (lactose intolerant). Not only that, but they take a lot to make them and

sometimes it isn't worth the hassle 😂


Pornstar Martini (normal) - Calories 224* - Sugar 16g*

Pornstar Martini (Skinny) - Calories 20-100** - Sugar 0g

Sex on the Beach (normal) - Calories 202* - Sugar 17g*

Sex on the Beach (Skinny) - Calories 20-100** - Sugar 0g

*these are approximates based on the average cocktail.

**this is based on specific mixers such as Smirnoff vodka and Nozeco


If you want to make this drink alcoholic, you can mix it with for example Vodka, which is suggest on the bottle. But if you would like a non-alcoholic alternative, I drink Nozeco which is perfect to mix with a Pornstar martini! 😍

You can buy Nozeco at most supermarkets or what your preferences is.

The Skinny syrups are sold at B&M and you can buy lots more of their products there too! Become a Skinny Food fan like us 🤩


Extra Bonuses of the syrups:

  1. Gluten Free

  2. Fat Free

  3. Zero Calories

  4. Vegan Friendly

  5. Sugar Free

  6. No Added Sugar

Stay Fresh All and enjoy your cocktails 🎉

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