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The 3 Somatotypes

What exercise is right for me? Is there a way I can work out what is best for me right now?

There have been three extreme body types identified, which are sometimes referred to as 'Somatotypes'. Rarely will a person have a physique which falls firmly into just one of these categories. Generally you may exhibit characteristics from each body type, however one type is often dominant. Below I will discuss the types as well as what kind of activity is most practical for your shape. This may help guide you into the start of your journey. 🤗 But also, please don't put yourself down or treat this as a negative thing to have characteristics of these body types, remember they are extreme! Everyones' body is unique and the most important thing is to be happy and healthy.

Remember our key focuses and how they are all important...

Nutrition - Wellbeing -Exercise



They are defined as having wide shoulders and narrow hips, which provide a 'V' shaped appearance, which can be observed in many bodybuilders. This body type is usually accompanied with higher volumes of lean muscle mass and lower levels of body fat. A Mesomorph physique is ideal suited to strenuous, resistance based activities e.g. weight training.



They usually have narrow shoulders, hips and are often quite tall and slender. With lower levels of body fat and muscle mass, this physique is best suited to endurance activities e.g. running. The long bony characteristics put them at a disadvantage for heavy resistance type activities. Most elite, long distance marathon and cross country runners will have the Ectomorph physique.



This is characterised by wide hips and narrow shoulders, creating a pear shaped appearance. This physique is not usually suited to high level competitive sport/exercise because of the large volume of body fat. However, this should not deter anybody who has an Endomorphic physique and wishes to become more active. Endomorphs have to proceed with caution and take it slowly in the early stages.


Remember not to put focus on your physical appearance! The is just extreme types and a slight guide for where you could start. But everyones body and journey is completely unique, take this into consideration when choosing your plan and choosing your goals. There is no point trying to make someone else's figure your goal, because their genetic makeup is different to yours. The same programme will work differently for each person, so don't get annoyed with yourself when it doesn't work. It is why we do personal training, to make the programmes suitable to each person and as it says in the name 'personal'. We are always here for help if you need it.

Keep Going, Stay Positive and Stay Fresh!

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